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Our HEART and Brain

The heart and brain are the two most vital organs that sustain human life. The heart circulates oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body, without which life would end. The brain is the control center handling all of the functions and movements of the body.

LYFE operates based on two core sets of principles: HEART Values and Brain Culture.

LYFE's HEART Values are the attributes every team member must embody. These are our LYFE-sustaining values:






Our Brain Culture controls how our organization functions. Every decision we make is guided by these principles.

  1. Deliver WOW through customer delight

  2. Embrace and drive change

  3. Pursue growth and learning

  4. Communicate openly and honestly

  5. Build a positive team and family spirit

  6. Be a positive influence in our community

Without a heart an organization will die. Without a brain an organization cannot function. However, with a healthy heart and brain guiding us, LYFE is a thriving company able to quickly and easily adapt to our changing environment, and having a positive impact on our customers and communities.

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