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Breathing LYFE into Community Responsibility

LYFE Benefits was founded on the age-old principle dubbed the "Golden Rule". This saying has taken many forms throughout the ages. Jesus said, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Confucious said, "Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself." Isocrates put it, "Do not do to others that which angers you when they do it to you." Today's modern translation is, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or more simply:

"Treat people the way you want to be treated."

Many people assume the Golden Rule applies only to customer service when talking about businesses. People are great at applying this principle when they have something to gain. That new prospect interested in doing business with you. The new contact you made at a networking event. Potential referral partners. The list could go on for miles. Yes, it is important to apply this principle to customer service, but what about when you come into contact with people who are not your customers or have nothing to offer you? Don't you still have a responsibility to treat them the same? Shouldn't you treat your competitors this way? What about that pesky sales guy that calls relentlessly? Or what about the people living in your community that everyone has given up on? Don't you still have to treat them the same way?

I strongly believe that businesses have a responsibility to be involved in their community. There are many organizations that you can volunteer with. I personally volunteer with a couple organizations working to help rescue and rehabilitate human trafficking victims in Detroit (insert shameless shout-out to Elli's House!). I have helped with Leader Dogs, Habitat for Humanity, The Detroit Zoo and others.

I volunteer to give back to my community. A side effect of volunteering is that I am changed as a person. I get to reach out and offer help to those that need it most, but I am blessed in the process. I have met many wonderful people that I would otherwise not have met if not for volunteering, and heard some people's amazing stories of overcoming struggles and adversities in their lives. Find something you are passionate about and jump in and help.


While driving through the streets in Detroit with a team from Elli's House, we came in contact with a girl standing outside in the cold. She had no coat on and you could tell she was very cold. We talked for a few minutes. I remember feeling bad for her as I was listening to her story, but she had a sense of peace about herself. She had every reason to be depressed but she wasn't. She was genuinely happy. The only thing she asked for was a coat. The next week we returned to Detroit and saw her walking down the street again with no coat. This time we had a coat for her. She told us about how life was looking up after talking with us the week before. She is trying to get off the streets of Detroit and better her life. We continue to look out for her and bring her other supplies and food every week. It is my hope to see her make it off the streets of Detroit and not fall victim to them.


Now for the exciting news...

To help you find new ways to give back to your community, we are launching LYFE Groups. These groups are designed to bring professionals together and provide many opportunities to volunteer in your area. These groups are free to join and open to anyone interested in giving back to their community.

We are in the process of forming the first pilot LYFE Group but we need your help. We are looking for a core group of 50 people to join the pilot group. This core group will be responsible for further development of the LYFE Group program. We will be looking for non-profit organizations to partner with, developing a meeting process, and strategically separating to form new groups as the program grows. If you are interested in getting involved in your community but might not be sure where to start, or if you are interested in helping develop the LYFE Group program, contact me for more information. 248-923-1200,

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