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Quality Affordable Health Care Options for All

The long running debate over health care reform is about to heat up again, but Americans' voices aren't really being heard. Democrats want to keep Obamacare, Republicans want to throw it out like yesterday's trash, but neither side of the debate is listening to what American citizens really want.

Senate Democrats have held all night talk-a-thons in protest against cabinet confirmations, reading letter after letter telling the stories of people that have faced heartbreaking situations medically and have been able to receive care they otherwise might not have, thanks to Obamacare making care accessible to people with pre-existing medical conditions. Republicans recite statistic after statistic of how Obamacare has driven the cost of health care through the roof at an unsustainable rate, which has led us into the "death spiral".

When two toddlers get into an argument and run to their parents to settle the debate, both take a stance on the debate based on their perception of what is right, or fair. The problem is, toddlers can be overly dramatic, and both of their sides of the story tends to be over embellished to make their point. This debate between Republicans and Democrats is no different. Both sides have taken their overly dramatic stance on the issue, but as any parent will tell you, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately for Americans, the middle ground is somewhere politicians rarely meet.

As an insurance broker, it's my job to meet on a daily basis with real, everyday Americans and discuss their health care. I walk hand-in-hand with people as they face some of life's most terrible medical situations. I discuss the facts and statistics about coverage options. I work with my clients to find a doctor that is appropriate for their needs that their plan covers. I explain how medications and treatments will, or will not be covered. This is what I have discovered; 1) every person is different, 2) every situation is different, 3) no one plan fits all. It's that simple. We cannot create one plan that fits for everyone because we are all different.

However, there is one question Americans all have in common when looking for health care, "What are my options?" This, without any shred of doubt in my mind, is the one question I am guaranteed to be asked by people. But options are virtually non-existent under Obamacare. Over a thousand counties across our great nation are covered by only one insurance company.

People clearly want options. I have talked with many people, insurance companies and politicians about health care reform ideas, and have put together a report designed to provide the framework for health care reform that ensures coverage for the vulnerable, brings costs down for the healthy, and keeps seniors from being priced out of the market.

It is possible to create a health care reform plan that provides options Americans are so desperately looking for. It may be a long, difficult process, but it will be impossible if we cannot move beyond "toddler politics".

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