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You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

To find out for sure, you have to submit an application. 


If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period because you were denied Medicaid or CHIP coverage within the past 60 days (and you applied for coverage during Open Enrollment), you may be required to submit proof of denial.


Acceptable documents include:


  • a denial letter from your state Medicaid or CHIP agency showing your name, stating that you were denied coverage, and the date you were denied.


  • a letter stating your Medicaid or CHIP coverage ended that also states that you had Medicaid or CHIP coverage previously and the date your coverage ended. This letter can be from the Medicaid or CHIP agency or from the insurance company that administered your Medicaid or CHIP plan.


  • a letter from the Marketplace stating that your state's Medicaid or CHIP agency sent your application to the Marketplace.


  • a screenshot of your eligibility results from your state's online application if you got your denial online.

You can select a plan now and submit verification documents at a later time.

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